SAP Fighting Tribe was founded in 1990 as the result of the passion for the martial arts of its founder Alfonso Pio Sgarro. After a career as a professional fighter, where he trampled the most important rings in the world, Sensei Sgarro decided to take advantage of his experience, gained over 25 years of athletic activities, in designing and manufacturing of highly improved protections , both from the point of view of materials and design.

The company, driven by the proverbial italian creativity has always considered innovation a cornerstone of its growth coming to patent both the lightest fighting helmet in the world, innovative fasteners and polyurethane padding for their own gloves, result of 20 years of continuous improvements in terms of comfort, practicality and design.

Today Sap is a worldwide brand in combat sports and we export to about 20 countries, providing to professional and amateur fighters high quality, unique design and winning spirit sports equipments.

Why choose SAP Fighting Tribe

The vocation of our company and the people who are part of it is to offer the best products to the final consumer. For this purpose Sap Fighting Tribe hugely look after the opinions and advices of its clients, teachers, athletes or students _ because it is our deep conviction that the road to excellence steps above all from the satisfaction in using our products. This philosophy is reflected in the production and commercialization of unique highly comfortable, graphics technical apparel and protections , giving to all fighters a very positive and performing combat experience.